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Airless Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting

Airless Paint Sprayer Troubleshooting

Airless Paint Sprayers can be tremendously helpful when it comes to high production needs.  However, they also can be a headache when problems occur.  In this article we will cover the most common airless sprayer problems and how to fix them. Problem 1 – I get inconsistent spray patterns This is often called a wink […]

How to Spray Zinc Coatings

how to spray zinc

Zinc coatings are a wicked coating to apply. They are harsh on equipment and often a challenge to apply well.  In this article will cover the common problems that are encountered with spraying zinc, how best to over come them, and things to consider when spraying Zinc coatings including equipment setup considerations. The typical challenges […]

How to Spray Primer Including Equipment Setup Recommendations

How to Spray Primers

About Primers Primer is a key part of finishing as it is the first coating applied.  Many times the primer is the key coating to promote adherence as it allows for a smooth base upon which your finish coatings can be applied. Primer is also vital in helping coverage of stains as well as providing […]

Sandblast Nozzles, Their Longevity, and How To Save on Their Cost

The size of your spray booth is important to consider because the larger the face opening of a cross draft or the footprint of a downdraft the more air the spray booth will remove from your building and require to replace.  In addition to removing more air, there are additional costs with extra spray booth […]

Spray Gun Prices and Why They Vary

Spray Gun Prices Spray Guns vary in Price greatly from $20 dollars up to $400 dollars for High End Spray Guns by Binks, Devilbiss, and others.  With prices varying greatly it is important to consider why prices can vary so much and whether a cheap spray gun is better for you than an expensive one.  After all […]

Choosing an Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint Sprayers are the backbone of paint contractors and industrial painters work, they allow you to paint a high volume of product in a short time.  They also often represent one of the larger expenses a contractor may make.  With their critical role in your painting it is important to select an airless paint […]

Runs in Your Paint and How To Fix Them

Runs can ruin a perfect finish in no time flat and any painter knows nothing is more frustrating than painting your product with everything looking great when all of a sudden you get a run on your product.  The next thing you know you are trying to remove the excess paint, or you end up […]

How Many CFM do I need to have from My Compressor for My Spray Gun?

CFM stands for Cubic feet per Minute and is essentially the amount of working power that a compressor provides to the equipment it is powering.  The other factor a compressor provides is PSI or pounds per square inch.  Typically PSI is the same with all compressors but CFM varies greatly.  That is why it is […]

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