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Choosing an Airless Paint Sprayer Tip (Along with Calculator)

The size of your airless paint sprayer’s tip will determine the speed at which you can apply coating, it will also determine the thickness of coating you can successfully apply with your airless paint sprayer.  With so much being tied to choosing the correct airless tip, it is important to consider the following. How to […]

Choosing an Air Compressor for Sandblasting

Air is the key component in sandblasting.  The amount and pressure of air that your air compressor provides will be one of the key factors in determining the size of your blast pattern and the speed at which the surface can be cleaned.  Your air compressor will also be one of the highest cost items […]

How to Know CFM for a Paint Booth & Exhaust Fan Size

paint booth fans

Why Paint Booth CFM is Important Paint booths are designed to meet a minimum air flow requirement to be compliant with national codes that govern spray booths.  Important codes that paint booths comply with include National Fire Code 1, NFPA 33, OSHA, and a few others.  For a good overview of all paint booth code compliance […]

How to Choose A Spray Gun Fluid Nozzle Size

Spray Gun Fluid nozzles control the amount of coating you can apply at a given time with your spray gun.  They also determine the thickness of coating you can apply without thinning when using a gravity fed spray gun.  Essentially choosing the proper fluid nozzle will help to reduce paint waste and ensure you apply […]

How Much Does A Paint Booth Cost, A Complete Cost Guide

When it comes to paint finishing your paint booth is often your largest expense(unless you are a large manufacturer with a lot of additional paint equipment).  If your planning on opening an auto body shop, an industrial coating facility, a fabrication shop, or even a hobbyist shop you will want to consider the cost of your […]

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