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Steel Grit VS Aluminum Oxide Sandblast Media

Steel grit and Aluminum Oxide have similar uses for surface preparation when sandblasting.  Both blast medias have advantages and drawbacks which we will cover so that you can best evaluate whether steel grit or aluminum oxide would be better for your needs.  We will also cover common uses for Aluminium Oxide and Steel Grit.  Sandblast […]

Pneumatic vs Mechanical Sandblast Media Recovery

Recovering sandblast media is one of the best ways to save on your sandblast costs which you can get a good idea of how much you can potentially save on sandblast media by recycling media you can check out this free spreadsheet here.  If recovering sandblast media makes sense for your production needs, you are most […]

Steps to Take When Installing a Paint Booth In West Virginia

Installing a paint booth is often an important step in establishing a new manufacturing process, expanding your existing capabilities, or at other times simply upgrading your current work processes.  Whether you are considering the addition of a painting process to your existing facility or adding additional capacity to your current manufacturing there are important steps […]

Paint Pressure Pot Problems – Causes and Solutions

A pressure pot is relatively simple; it is a heavy duty tank that can handle high pressure.  On top of the pot there can be a variety of add -ons including multiple regulators for control of fluid and air pressure, agitation to ensure your coating remains in suspension, and in certain situations heat for around […]

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