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Lacquer vs Varnish vs Shellac vs Polyurethane vs Conversion Varnish

Lacquer, Varnish, Shellac, Conversion Varnish, and Polyurethane all serve to protect a wood product from water, heat, and other spills.  By applying a topcoat you can have a finished wood project that lasts for a long time to come.  However each type of finish has a variety of pros and cons that you should consider […]

Spraying Polyurethanes – A Guide

Polyurethanes are a popular finish in wood working.  They work as a protective coating for a lot of wood projects.  Depending on the formulation your polyurethane can be used to protect from water/ spills, or used to protect against water, spills, and fading due to sunlight exposure.  Polyurethane can also be heat resistant making it […]

Industrial Sandblast Rooms – A complete Planning Guide

Industrial blasting facilities can provide tremendous benefits to your manufacturing operation.  A blast room can allow you to improve your facilities blast production and save on blast media costs.  A blast room can also be costly so it is important to understand all the factors to consider when evaluating a blast room to determine what […]

A Complete Sandblast Pot Buying Guide

If you’re a contractor just getting in to sandblasting one of your largest expenses is often a sandblast pot. Choosing the right sandblast pot will help you be able to blast for years and to effectively achieve the blast profiles you need for your application or applications. This article will cover the factors you should […]

Airless versus Air Assist Airless Paint Sprayers (Includes Video)

When it comes to higher production need, air assist airless and airless paint sprayers are two of the most common options that are considered. Both options have a variety of drawbacks and benefits that you should consider before making a decision to buy either.  In this article we will cover the benefits and drawbacks of […]

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