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Do I need Primer before Paint? – A Guide

If you are beginning a paint project, you will typically start evaluating which coating you may use and then learn more about applying the given coating and what if any paint application equipment makes sense.  One key step in determining a proper coating will be to determine if you need primer before paint or can you […]

The Pros and Cons of Automated Robotic Painting

Robotic painting solutions like Robotic paint arms offer a variety of potential beneficial solutions.  They also have downsides as well.  To properly evaluate if they are a good solution for your production process you should consider the benefits and drawbacks which will be covered in this article.  By doing so you can be better prepared […]

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Painting in Manufacturing

Many manufacturers require painting as a part of their manufacturing process. Paint is critical as it is often one of the first things that a customer sees when they receive a finished product. Additionally, paint can often be a source of headaches in your production as it is frequently an area where bottlenecks may occur, […]

Accelerating Water Borne Coatings Dry Time

Waterborne Paints have become increasingly prevalent in all industries from industrial to automotive applications as they help reduce environmental impact of painting processes.  Waterborne paints have a variety of unique things to consider when they are being sprayed.  This article will focus on cure time or dry time of waterborne paints and how you can […]

Wet Blasting VS Water Jetting Vs Pressure Washing

As a paint contractor you often will need to properly prepare your surface to ensure your coating adheres well and performs as well as the coating manufacturer states.  Choosing wet blasting, water jetting, or pressure washing will depend on your application and the desired preparation you are trying to achieve. Water Jetting Water Jetting is […]

Spraying Adhesives- A Complete Guide

Why Spray Adhesives? Spraying glue or adhesives is a common application for a variety of industries including woodworking, drywall manufacturing, and a variety of other applications. Spraying is by far quicker than hand applying. To be able to properly apply adhesive with a spray gun, you want to ensure that you select a proper type […]

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