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How to Reduce Powder Coating Costs A Complete Guide

As a manufacturer keeping the cost of production down is a key priority. if your painting process involves powder coating there are a lot of ways you can help reduce the cost of your powder coating process in your manufacturing.  This article will discuss a variety of ways of how you can reduce powder coating costs.  […]

Powder Coating Feeding Systems – Box Vs Hopper Feed Systems

When you are considering a powder coating equipment solution one of the key components is how the powder coating is delivered to the powder coating gun.  The method of delivery impacts the portability of the powder coating equipment along with the finish that the powder coating gun delivers. Will cover the two main ways to […]

How to Measure Blast Surface Profile A Complete Guide

measure blast surface profile

If you are working on a job for blasting and painting your surface profile is critical. Improper surface preparation is one of the most common reasons for coating failure.  Depending on who you are doing painting and blasting work for they may even require documentation of your surface profile.  Whether for documentation reasons or for […]

Selecting a Powder Coating Gun (Tribo vs Corona Style)

If you are just getting into powder coating products one of the key initial equipment investments you will make is the powder coating gun.  Additional common equipment, which we will cover in future posts, include a powder booth, and any powder coating recovery equipment (if you plan on doing higher volume of powder coating).  This […]

Infrared Ovens for Preheating of a Surface

In many coating lines, especially powder coating lines, a product must be heated prior to having powder coating applied.  Without proper elevation of the substrates temperature you can have issues with your powder or liquid coating applying unevenly.  Compared to traditional convection ovens infrared ovens can provide faster preheating of a product.  This ability to […]

What to do if You Cannot Lower Your Pressure Pot Fluid Pressure Low Enough to Keep Coating Volume Down

Sometimes you may be using a pressure pot and need to keep the fluid pressure low.  This can be due to you needing to apply a light coating or maybe because your applying a thin finish like wood coatings and your getting to much coating when your using your pressure pot. Whatever the reason you […]

How to Select a Packing Set for Your Airless Paint Sprayer

Packings in your airless paint sprayer help protect more expensive metal components from wearing as the rod in your airless paint sprayer moves up and down.  They also help ensure that paint/ coating is restricted to moving within the cylinder .  Both of these functions are important as they impact the performance and proper functioning […]

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