Monthly Archives: January 2017

A Guide to Sandblast Room Ventilation

One of the most critical aspects of sandblast rooms is ventilation of dust.  Proper dust ventilation ensures you remain safe, meet pertinent safety standards like OSHA requirements, and provides a visible area to blast in making it easier for your blast operator to be able to blast effectively.  This article will cover factors that you […]

Affordable Options for Wet/ Vapor Blasting

Wet blasting also called vapor blasting has become a popular option for a variety of blast applications.  There are a lot of reasons for its growing popularity including the potential to keep dust down and the ability to quickly clean the surface after it has been blasted.  You can also learn more about the Pros […]

You Should get better finishes out of Expensive Spray Guns – Here’s what to do if You Are not

You may be a hobbyist who has had a budget throw away spray gun for years or a contractor who painted only when they had to but now are starting to paint more often as more people ask for you to.  Either way you make the leap to a quality spray gun that costs anywhere […]

Airless with a Fine Finish Tip VS HVLP Turbine Unit – A Guide

For those working in the field it is common to have an airless paint sprayer available for your general painting work due to its versatility and use for a variety of painting applications.  However, you may be considering a fine finish HVLP Turbine Unit as you are starting to do more cabinet work and are […]

How to know if You Need A Plural Component Spray System

When it comes to spraying coatings there is a wide range of options available from a basic suction or gravity fed spray gun, to an airless spray system, up to a complex plural component spray system that may use a spray gun or airless sprayer depending on the application.  A plural component spray system can […]

How to use a Turbine HVLP Spray Unit with a 2 Quart Pressure Cup

When you are spraying with a Turbine fed outfit you typically use a suction or gravity fed style unit.  However there may be times where your spraying a heavier material or want to be able to control your fluid pressure separate from air.  If this is your situation and you have a turbine unit this […]

Blast Cabinet Prices and Why they Vary

Cabinets for blasting can range significantly in price from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.  Understanding why these price differences exist can be critical in being able to know which kind of blast cabinet may make sense for your blasting needs.  This article will cover the pertinent things to consider about blast cabinets to […]

Critical Things to Know before Buying a Paint Booth

If your manufacturer, woodworker, fabricator, or in general evaluating a paint booth there will be a variety of important things that you will evaluate in your consideration of purchasing a paint booth.  However, having a pew preliminary pieces of information can help you determine whether it makes sense to further evaluate adding a paint booth […]

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