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Choosing & Using a Viscosity Cup- A Complete Guide

Why Get a Viscosity Cup Viscosity cups like Ford and Zahn Cups are handy tools at as a painter.  Whether your spraying wood finishes, industrial enamels, or anything in between a paint viscosity cup allows you to know just how thin your paint is.  Additionally knowing the viscosity of your paint allows you to have […]

A list of The Best Resources to Help Grow Your Manufacturing Business

Grow Manufacturing Business

No matter what size manufacturer you are from a couple men in a shop to the largest manufacturers in the world, growth can be challenging.  Despite this many manufacturers still want to be able to grow afterall its why we are in business, along with providing tangible solutions to customers problems.  If you are a […]

Painting Radiators a Complete Guide

painting radiators

Radiators can be difficult to spray paint on as they have a variety of unique considerations from fins that block the internals of the radiator to concerns about paint bridging across the radiator fins blocking proper air flow across the radiator.  I spent my day this previous week helping a radiator repair shop achieve success […]

Important Things To Know About Paint Curing

Paint Curing is important for a variety of reasons.  It can determine the speed at which you can move product through a manufacturing facility and can also impact the type of spray equipment you use.  Faster curing allows for higher production rates while slower curing is easier for a painter to work with.  The following […]

How to Fix and Reduce Problems in the Paint Department of Your Manufacturing Plant

If you are a manufacturer or fabricator you know all to well that things can be moving smoothly along when all of a sudden your product gets into the paint department and rather than moving quickly everything grinds to a halt.  Your painter may not be getting the paint to apply correctly, your paint equipment […]

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