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Creative Tips to Grow Your Painting Business

Grow Painting Business

Whether you’re a paint contractor, industrial job shop, powder coat job shop, or a commercial paint contractor growing your painting business can often be a goal that you want to achieve.  While a lot goes into growing your painting business one key area to consider is generating awareness of your company which will help you […]

Thoughts on the Potential PPG & Akzo Nobel Merger

PPG & Akzo Nobel Potential Merger

The news has been reporting that a second offer by PPG to purchase Akzo Nobel was declined on March 20th.  There are a variety of concerns that Akzo mentioned, including whether the deal would be approved due to the potential merged company’s size, whether the deal would offer value above what Akzo can offer by […]

Airless Paint Sprayer Won’t Prime or Build Pressure

Airless sprayers are often the backbone of your painting work, especially for handling large volumes of painting quickly and efficiently .  There are a variety of common problems that you can encounter with an airless paint sprayer which are laid out here.  Another problem that can often occur with an airless paint sprayer is that […]

Prepping Log Cabins for Recoating – A Complete Guide

  Log cabins last many years and have a rustic beauty to them.  Like any surface though they must properly protected so that over time the wood doesn’t wear and so they maintain their unique appearance.  Due to constant exposure to rain, sun light, and other natural weather log cabin paint often can need to […]

Top Apps for Paint Contractors

Having the right information available can help you paint faster and more effectively.  From performing onsite cost estimations to getting critical information on your coating to getting paint equipment questions answered information can help you excel.  By having the following apps you can ensure you have information that is critical in the palm of your […]

Electrostatic Spray Gun Settings – What You Should Know

Electrostatic spray guns offer a variety of benefits over typical air spray guns.  The greatest benefit is the potential for increased transfer efficiency which reduces your paint waste.  There are a variety of other benefits and drawbacks to Electostatic spray guns which you can learn about here. This article will cover important things you need […]

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