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Choosing a Gel Coat Spray Guns – A Complete Guide

Gel coat is a unique material due to its heavy viscosity, requiring a catalyst, and its environment requirements.  To properly spray gel coat having the right spray gun is critical.  The primary types of spray guns available to spray gel coat include LEL, AAA, and conventional spray guns.  LEL offers a variety of features that […]

Paint Pressure Pots & Paint Pressure Tanks – A complete Buyers Guide

Paint Pressure Pot

Paint Pressure Pots come with a variety of benefits but also have limitations.  If you need help determining if a paint pressure pot would be well suited for your painting needs this buyers guide will provide details on paint pressure pots prices, quality differences, and features to consider.  If you need additional help on choosing […]

How Much Blast Rooms and Blast Booths Cost – A Guide

Sandblast Room Price Guide

If you frequently sandblast you may be considering a blast room to be able to recover sandblast media.  Recovering sandblast media can be one of the greatest ways to help reduce your sandblast media costs however you will also want to be able to properly consider the cost of the sandblast room and sandblast media […]

Why Powder Coating Guns & Powder Coating Units Vary so Much in Price

Powder Coating Guns are offered in a variety of price points from hobbyist up to high end Industrial solutions like Wagner Powder Coating units.  There are significant differences in the prices of these units and performance.  This article will cover why prices in Powder Coating Guns and Powder Coating Units vary so much. Why Powder […]

How to Reduce Sandblast Media Waste while Sandblasting

When it comes to sandblasting your biggest costs are often your blast media and the energy costs that are needed to run your sandblast compressor.  This article will provide practical tips to potentially help reduce your sandblast media use if you are using too much sandblast media. Tip 1 to Reduce Sandblast Media Use – […]

A Complete Guide to Etching Glass by Sandblasting

Etch Glass by Sandblasting

  Whether etching glass for privacy or decorative purposes sandblasting is a fast and efficient way to create an etched appearance quickly and effectively.  This guide will cover how you can etch glass with a sandblast cabinet, or sandblast machine, important things to remember, and general tips.    Using a Sandblast Cabinet to Etch Glass […]

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