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Floetrol – What it is, What it Does, How to Use It, and FAQ’s

floetrol what it is how to use it and faqs

  What Floetrol is Floetrol is a paint conditioner that can be used with water based paints like flat or semi-gloss latex, enamel paints, Acrylic, or Vinyls. Floetrol helps these water based paints perform more like oil based paints which ultimately makes using the paints easier as latex paints can tend to be heavier making […]

HVLP versus Airless Paint Sprayers-A Complete Guide (and Video)

HVLP Vs Airless Paint Sprayers

Whether you’re a paint contractor, woodworker, cabinet finisher, or manufacturer you may be considering whether airless or HVLP is the right type of equipment for you. This guide will cover what HVLP and airless paint sprayers are, how they work, the benefits and drawbacks of each, and which may be right for your painting application […]

Powder coating equipment Prices and Why They Vary

Powder Coating Gun Prices and Why They Vary

If you’re a powder coater in the market for a new powder coating gun, powder coating system, or other powder coating equipment you may be shocked to find the variety of prices that can exist in the market. Powder coating equipment can vary from $350 up to $5000 depending on the equipment being considered. This […]

Paint Booth Lighting – A Complete Guide

Paint Booth Lighting A Complete Guide

This guide will cover everything related to paint booth lighting from safety requirements, to cost savings options, to ways to improve visibility in a paint booth related to paint booth lighting, to what you want to ensure is correct about paint booth lights. Paint Booth Lighting Safety Requirements   The most important thing to consider […]

How Much Will a New Paint Shop Cost-A Complete Guide

How Much will a paint shop cost

Whether your manufacturer or an entrepreneur considering a new paint job shop you may be considering how much it will cost to begin painting or adding painting to your manufacturing work. This article will give you an estimate of how much will cost to start a paint shop or add a painting shop to your […]

Choosing an Air Compressors for Painting & Painting Cars – A Guide

Choosing an Air Compressor for Painting

If your just getting started and considering spraying paint whether it be to spray a car, wood work, or something else one critical expense to start is a proper air compressor.  This article will cover the best types of air compressors for painting & painting cars, what your air compressor will require to be able […]

Paint Booth Filter Disposal Guide

Paint Booth Filter Disposal Guide

Paint booth filters capture overspray from your painting and ensure you are meeting proper safety guidelines for painting that are provided by agencies like the EPA.  One common question we get asked which will address today is what do you do with your old paint booth filters.  Will cover the pertinent safety regulations related to […]

Build or Buy a Blast Room – A Decision Guide

Build or Buy a Sandblast Room A Decision Guide

Whether you’re a fabricator, manufacturer, or a job shop you may be considering a sandblast room be able to process larger parts or to be able to blast large volumes of products at a given time. As you consider your options, one critical factor you’ll have to consider is whether you will build or buy […]

How Much It Costs to Start Powder Coating – A Guide

How much it costs to start powder coating a guide

Whether you are a manufacturer, coatings job shop, or entrepreneur considering a new business as a powder coater a common question that is asked is how much will it cost to start powder coating.  In this article we will cover what is typically required to start powder coating, how much it will cost to start […]

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