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Gel Stains –  Pros, Cons, Uses, and How to Apply Gel Stains

Gel Coat Stains A Complete Guide

  As a wood finisher there are many different options available on the market today to get a desired wood finish result.  From pigmented stains, to conversion varnishes, water based coatings wood finishes have undergone a lot of change over time.  One interesting wood coating that can often be overlooked are gel stains. Were going […]

Steps to Making a  Repeatable Paint Process In Manufacturing

Steps to Making Repeatable Paint Processes in Manufacturing

As a manufacturer one of the first things that your customer will see when you are finished making your product is the paint job you deliver.  The visual nature of your paint job is what makes it a critical aspect of your manufacturing process.  Achieving visually appealing, consistent results, will ensure your product stands out […]

Abrasive Blasting –  A Complete Guide

Abrasive Blasting - A Complete Guide

You may wonder what abrasive blasting is, what it is used for, the equipment required, safety considerations and more related to abrasive blasting.  Fortunately this complete guide to abrasive blasting will cover all of this and more links within the article go into further depth on each topic mentioned. What Abrasive Blasting Is abrasive blasting […]

How to Install a Dust Collection System for a Small Wood Shop

Installing Dust Collection for Small Wood Shop

As a wood worker one of the greatest additions you can make to your shop is a solid dust collection system.  Proper dust collection is important for safety and can help you with achieving better finishes if you will paint your wood projects before completion. Our guide will give you practical tips to consider when […]

How Emissions from painting are Determined & How to Calculate VOCS (Includes Calculators)

How to calculate VOCS and reduce emissions

How Emissions from painting are Determined (Includes Calculator) One common area of concern for a manufacturer to ensure they are meeting proper regulatory requirements is the degree of emissions they are producing.  While there are a variety of sources of emissions, we will focus on emissions related to painting in this article.  We will cover […]

How to Blast and Paint Pipe –  A Complete Guide

How to blast pipe and how to paint pipe

Whether your in Pennsylvania working on Natural Gas pipelines in the Marcellus shale region or in Louisiana working on oil well lines properly painting and blasting pipe is critical to ensure you properly protect the pipe from elements.  Typically clients who choose to work with you on oil and gas pipe will want to ensure […]

Sanding Primer Before Painting Wood –  A Complete Guide

Sanding Primer Before Painting Wood

Primer can be an important part of painting a product as it can help improve adhesion, cover up existing coatings, and more which we cover in our article on paint primer. However after applying primer there are often still a lot of questions like should I sand after applying primer.  This is especially true when […]

United States Breathing Air Standards –  A Complete Guide

Breathing Air Standards - A Complete Guide

Whether you are getting started working as a contractor, construction worker, or taking over a new role in safety you may come across references that list requirements for breathing air.  For example sandblast hood respirators when fed by a  compressor are required to have atleast air of Grade D quality.  This standards can be confusing […]

A Complete Guide To Marketing & Growing Your Painting Business

How to Market and Grow Your Painting Business

Being a paint contractor or paint shop owner you have a lot to juggle from bidding jobs, to ensuring enough work is available to pay the bills, to ensuring customers are delighted by the paint work you provide, and much more.  Whether you are a single painter looking to move their business to the next […]

Glass Bead Blasting – Pros & Cons, Common Uses,& Equipment Needed

Glass Bead Blasting equipment

Glass bead is one of a variety of medias that you can blast with.  Like any blast media it has a variety of benefits and drawbacks.  This guide will cover important things to know about glass bead blasting including the benefits and drawbacks, equipment considerations for glass bead blasting, and more. Glass Bead Blasting Pros Glass […]

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