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Grounding for Powder Coating – A Complete Guide (with video)

Grounding for Powder Coating

Having a thorough understanding of grounding is critical as a powder coater.  Powder coating relies on a grounded target in order for your powder to stick.  Failure to properly ground a product your trying to powder coat or to not ground your product thoroughly enough can result in a variety of issues from wasting excessive […]

Titan Impact 740 Airless Sprayer Review & Overview (Includes Video)

Titan Impact 740 Airless Sprayer Review

Purchasing an airless sprayer is often a large investment, properly reviewing options can help ensure you choose an airless sprayer that will meet your businesses needs for both now and the potential future.  The Titan Impact 740 Airless Sprayer is a good airless sprayer choice for a variety of uses, our in depth review of […]

Spraying Elastomerics and Roof Coatings –  A Complete Guide

Spraying Elastomeric Roof Coatings Guide

  Elastomeric roof coatings serve to protect the underlying roof from rain, sun, and more.  To provide this protection roof coatings are typically a thicker material and are often applied in thick coats.  The thickness of elastomeric coatings creates unique challenges in applying them.  In this guide we will cover what you should know when […]

Fine Finish Airless Tips vs Regular Airless Tips (Includes Video)

Fine FInish VS Standard Airless Tips

Fine finish airless tips have been growing in popularity with painters for a variety of painting from cabinetry to woodworking and more.  As a painter you may be wondering if a fine finish airless tip will be beneficial for you, this guide will cover the pros and cons of fine finish airless tips and help […]

How to Spray Translucent Powder Coating – A Complete Guide

Shooting Translucent Powders

Translucent powder coatings are a popular choice where you want to be able to see the substrate through the powder you apply and have become quite popular as a powder coating color choice.  While they can provide a great appearance, applying them can be a bit tricky.  Common issues that are mentioned when applying translucent […]

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