Sandblasting for Surface Preparation – How to Guide

Sandblasting for Surface Preparation - How to Guide

Sandblasting for Surface Preparation – How to Guide   Sandblasting is ideal for preparing a variety of surfaces in a fast and efficient manner from steel to log cabins.  Will provide a brief overview of how to determine the proper settings and setup for your sandblast equipment to ensure you get the desired result from […]

Dustless Blasting Business – A Complete Guide

Dustless Blasting Business

There has been a lot of interest in dustless blasting as a business idea for a variety of reasons; the appeal of being your own boss, the potential to earn a good wage, and a variety of marketing initiatives have made dustless blasting a popular idea for those who want to own a business.  Before […]

How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer (Includes Video)

How to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer

As we have discussed before Airless Paint Sprayers are one of the fastest ways of painting large projects.  From spraying new construction to painting industrial equipment an airless paint sprayer can be the ideal solution.  To get the most benefit out of an airless paint sprayer you want to make you understand how to operate […]

Filtering Compressed Air For Powder Coating –  A Complete Guide

Filtering Compressed air For Powder Coating

When it comes to powder coating there are a variety of key factors that will impact your production and results; from proper surface preparation, to powder coating selection, to powder application, to the quality of compressed air you use for powder coating, each can have a significant impact on the quality of your powder coating […]

How to Use a Sandblast Pot & Sandblaster – A Complete Guide

how to use a sandblaster & sandblast pot

  Properly using a sandblaster ensures your safety while sandblasting and improves the results you will get while sandblasting.  In many ways the actual use of the sandblast pot or sandblast cabinet are easy to understand.  However for maximum results when using a sandblaster, it is important to understand proper equipment setup, safety equipment requirements, […]

How to Make Paint Clean Up Easier & Faster – A Complete Guide

How to Make Cleaning up Paint Easier

Whether you’re a contractor, manufacturer, or weekend warrior cleaning up after a painting project can be time consuming and many times the worst part of any paint project.  While paint clean up is not a fun task, the good news is there is a variety of ways to make your clean up quicker and easier.  […]

How to Switch Between Oil Based & Water Based Coatings in Airless Sprayers & Paint Equipment

How to switch between oil based & water based coatings when using airless paint sprayers

We often are asked if you can and if so how you switch between oil based and water based coatings with paint equipment, whether it be an airless sprayer, a paint pressure pot, or something else entirely. The short answer is yes you can switch between oil and water based coatings and paints even within […]

Pressure vs Siphon Sandblast Pots

Siphon vs Pressure Blasters

If your just getting started sandblasting and considering a sandblast pot, you may be looking at a siphon or pressure sandblast pot.  We will cover the benefits and drawbacks of pressure and siphon sandblast pots so you can better decide which may be best for your needs. Pressure Blast Pots Pressure blast pots like this […]

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