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Kitchen Cabinet Painting Contractor Estimating Methods – A Guide

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Contractor Estimating Methods Guide

Repainting kitchen cabinets is a popular market for painting contractors because many home owners kitchens have quality cabinets in place that are only in need of a new look that can be achieved by a fresh coat of paint.  Kitchen cabinet painting can also be a great niche for paint contractors as it can require […]

Respiratory protection for Painters – A Guide

Respiratory Protection for Painting - Guide

Paint often contains a variety of chemical compounds that can be harmful if they are breathed in.  While a short exposure is generally not life threatening, as a painter you are potentially exposed to harmful chemical compounds all day as you work.  This potential exposure is why having proper respiratory protection is critical to ensure […]

Spraying Epoxies – A Complete Guide

Epoxies can be a great protective coating providing superior resistance to corrosion and resistance to a variety of other environments.  While they can be a great protective coating, getting them to spray effectively requires consideration of a few key factors.  This guide will cover those key factors so that you will be able to effectively […]

Graco Ultra & Ultramax Handheld Airless Sprayers Review and Overview (with video)

Graco ultra and ultramax airless sprayer reviews

Graco Ultra and Ultramax Handheld Airless Sprayers Review & Overview (Includes Video) Many times when painting you may find a need to do smaller work that would be best if sprayed but you may not have an air compressor for a air spray gun, or you have an airless sprayer and do not want to […]

How to Keep Paint Equipment like Airless Sprayers and Paint Pressure Pots Clean & Free From Overspray – A Guide

How to keep Your Airless Paint Sprayer Clean and Free from over spray

    Everyone is different when it comes to how they like to keep their equipment, some do not mind overspray gathering on their airless paint sprayer or paint pressure pot, others want to keep the unit as clean as possible.  Keeping it clean has the benefit of being able to read the digital screen […]

How to Prevent Orange Peel in Powder Coating – A Guide

How to Prevent Orange Peel in Powder Coating

Orange peel is when the surface of a coated product doesn’t have an even smooth appearance to it after the coating is applied.  Whether your powder coating or liquid coating, orange peel is usually not desirable because it creates a poor overall finish appearance when your all done coating your product.  Knowing orange peel in […]

Texture Spraying – A Complete Guide (Includes Video)

how to spray texture

Spraying texture and texture products can be used for a variety of applications whether it is to smooth an existing wall that was originally textured, to create texture on walls or ceilings for visual appearance, or even for spraying material that is denser like acoustical products.  With so many applications knowing your options to spray texture and […]

Pros and Cons of Painters Tape + Best Uses for Painters Tape

Painters Tape Pros & Cons + Best Uses

Whether you are painting your own home or are a paint contractor who paints everyday, painters tape is an important tool to understand.  Will discuss the pros and cons of painters tape in this article so you can decide if it makes sense for your painting, additionally will suggest times when painters tape can be […]

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