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How to Use an Airless Sprayer to Paint Cabinets –  A Guide

An airless sprayer can be a versatile tool for a variety of painting projects, with the speed which it can spray as well as the fact that it is owned by almost all painters,  it can be a great tool.  When it comes to painting or spraying cabinets the main challenge with an airless sprayer […]

The Differences  between Liquid Paint Booths & Powder Coating Booths

Powder ZCoating vs Liquid paint booths

We often get asked questions about if you can powder coat in a liquid paint booth and what differences are their between liquid and powder coating booths.  Whether because your trying to powder coat in a liquid paint booth or just trying to understand why they are different, this guide will help you understand the […]

How to Paint Cabinets With a Spray Gun – A Complete Guide

How to Paint Cabinets with a Spray Gun

When done right spraying cabinets offers a smooth beautiful finish that many home owners love.  Additionally it is often quicker than brushing and rolling.  While the appearance and speed of spraying cabinets is appealing, there are a variety of unique challenges that you face when spraying cabinets which need to be addressed.  In this guide […]

Low Cost (budget) vs Professional Paint Spray Guns A Complete Guide (With Video)

Low Cost vs Professional Spray Guns

  A question we often are asked is why purchase a spray gun for $200 – $500 dollars when  they you can purchase a spray gun for $10 – $30 from a variety of stores with popular options including Harbor Freight among others.  Ultimately both a budget spray gun and a professional paint spray gun […]

How to Spray and Apply Multiple Coats of Powder Coating –  A Complete Guide

Applying Multiple Coats of Powder A Complete Guide

As a powder coater you may be need to apply two coats for a variety of reasons whether for protective reasons or appearance applying a second coat of powder is important to know how to do well.  In this guide we cover practical tips on how to successfully apply multiple coats of powder to a […]

Airless Sprayer Storage – A Complete Guide (Includes Video)

Airless Sprayer Storage A Complete Guide

Whether your looking to store an airless paint sprayer for winter or for a few weeks it is critical to properly prepare your airless sprayer for storage.  By properly preparing your airless sprayer for storage you can ensure it will spray well the next time you need it and ensure it will last for years […]

Red Line EZ 50 Powder Coating Gun Demo and Review (Includes Video)

Red Line EZ 50 Powder Coating Gun Demo & Review

  The Redline EZ 50 powder coating gun offers decent powder application control at a great price.  If your getting started powder coating on a more frequent basis, looking to upgrade from a bargain basement powder coating gun, or looking for a great powder coating gun for smaller product runs the Redline EZ 50 may […]

How to Choose a Diaphragm Pump – A Complete Guide

How to Choose a diaphragm pump

Diaphragm pumps are a great option for delivering high volumes of material at relatively low pressures.  They typically resist wear as they do not have a piston moving through a cyclinder but a simple rubber diaphragm or diaphragms that are displaced side to side allowing material to be sent (more on diaphragm vs piston pumps […]

A Complete List of the Best Books on Powder Coating

A Complete list of the best Books on Powder Coating

While a lot of understanding powder coating will happen as on the job training, having good reference materials can also provide valuable resource material on a variety of aspects of powder coating.  From scaling your powder coating to a larger operation to having a better understanding of finish defects to tips on how to get […]

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